Medication Reminders

Our caregivers at Colorado Choice Care Services can help you with monitoring and managing your loved one’s medication needs by providing medication reminder. Keeping tracking of daily medications could be a tedious task for seniors with memory impairment.

Our caregiver ensures that our clients not only take the proper dosage of their daily medications but also at the appropriately recommended time.

Non-medical Transportation (HCBS-DD and HCBS-SLS)

As your loved ones grow older, their ability to move around may decline due to impaired vision and hearing. These makes them vulnerable to common accidents. At Colorado Choice Care Services we provide your loved one with an easy access to transportation in and outside of their homes.

Each of our caregivers have safe driving records and are fully licensed and insured. Your loved one will feel safe while our caregivers transports them to doctor’s appointments, grocery stores, and regular visit to their friends and family members.

Mentorship (HCBS-SLS)

The use of the bathroom on a daily basis is everyone’s private and personal refuge. This daily activity can also be one of the most dangerous necessary activities for the elderly. At Colorado Choice Care Services, our caregivers can ensure that your aging parent are safe at all time either when within the comfort of their homes or simply when visiting friends and family members.


Colorado Choice Care Services also provides respite services for an adult with long-term disabilities by providing assistance to help your loved one maintain their life style, safety and independence in the comfort of their home. Our qualified caregivers have the experience and qualification to provide assistance with everyday personal care tasks, such as bathing, showering, grooming, restroom activities, personal hygiene care, dressing, transferring and light exercise.