Colorado Choice Care Services provides assistance to help your loved one maintain their life style, safety and independence in the comfort of their home. Our qualified caregivers have the experience and kindheartedness to provide assistance with everyday personal care tasks, such as bathing, grooming, restroom activities, personal hygiene, meal preparation, light exercise, transferring and light housekeeping.

Community Connector (HCBS-CES)

When a person begins to age, changes make things more difficult. Activities that were once easy to accomplish on a day-to-day basis may become physically or mentally challenging. Also, these challenges can easily affect regular relationships within the family.

Our commitment is to ease the physical and mental challenges of daily living during transitions of aging while providing their family with rest of mind.

Residential Habilitation Services (IRSS) (HCBS-DD)

Keeping a kitchen clean and organized is important, especially to aging adults who still love to cook. At Colorado Choice Care Services, our caregivers can help ensure the safety and cleanliness of our client’s living area through light housekeeping services such as cleaning the counter-tops, dish washing and sweeping floors.

Personal Care (HCBS-SLS & HCBS-CES)

At Colorado Choice Care Services we understand the challenges that people face as they become older and find it difficult to perform daily activities such as bathing, hair grooming, house cleaning and cooking. We know that this may be an invasion of your privacy; as such our caregivers are very professional and courteous with our clients when helping them with basic hygiene that is needed.

Day Specialized Habilitation (HCBS-DD & HCBS-SLS)

Our Caregivers can also help with meal preparation on a daily basis. This include maintain a clean and healthy cooking environment around your home. A clean and tidy kitchen area helps to eliminate possible germs in food.