Personal Caregiver

Colorado Choice Care Services is committed to helping you get the help you need when the needs arise. If you are a senior that needs assistance with day-to-day activities of life, we provide you with caregivers that are well trained and professional to help with meal preparation, house keeping and personal hygiene care services.

At Colorado Choice Home Care, our trained caregivers provide light housekeeping services such as regularly cleaning, laundry services and dish washing.

Keeping a kitchen clean and organized is important, especially to aging parents who still love to cook. At Colorado Choice Home Care, our caregivers can help ensure the safety of your loved one’s during cooking activities.

24/7 Care Services

Colorado Choice Care Services also provides respite services for adults with long-term disabilities.

Colorado Choice Care Services provides assistance to help your loved one maintain their happiness, well-being, safety and independence in the comfort of their own home. Our qualified caregivers have the experience and compassion to provide assistance with everyday personal care tasks, such as: bathing, showering, restroom activities, personal hygiene, grooming, dressing, transferring and light exercise.

We are glad to provide respite care for aging adults and their families. Our caregivers are experienced and they receive extensive training that equips them with day-to-day challenges of elderly care.

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